Best Fitness Ab Board BFAB10


  • 3 starting positions (15, 20 or 25 degrees) add variation to increase results.
  • 10 cm high-density foam roller pads.
  • 5 cm durable upholstered pads.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Safety pins and bolts for adjustable positions allow for easy disassembly or permanent set-up.
  • Durable powder-coated finish.

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A tight, strong midsection is at the core of everything you do, and core training should be considered a vital part of any workout regimen.

Not only can you add strength and muscle tone to your entire abdominal section, but you can also efficiently chisel a flatter stomach and slimmer waistline by committing to a regular abdominal workout.

This is important because your core is where all your body’s movements originate. Your abdominal muscles support and protect your internal organs and aid in breathing, especially when you exhale. The abs also team up with your back muscles to control trunk motions like twisting and bending.


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