Body-Solid Aluminium Lat Bar MB148A


  • Ideal for lat pulldowns, straight arm pulldowns & more
  • Attach to any pulley or cable weight machine
  • High-strength, rust-proof and lightweight 3 cm aluminium
  • Rotating and swivelling centre for more fluid motion

Available on backorder

The Body-Solid Tools MB148A Aluminum Lat Bar attaches to any pulley or cable weight machine and is ideal for several lats and upper body focused exercises like lat pulldowns, and straight arm pulldowns and more. Constructed with high-strength 3 cm aluminium, the MB148A features knurled grips for easy handling throughout workouts.

The MB148A’s aluminium construction is rust-proof and lightweight giving it distinct advantages over comparable steel cable attachment bars.

The smooth, fluid centre of the MB148A swivels and rotates guaranteeing constant, steady, uninterrupted motion and increased exercise variety.


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