Body-Solid Aluminium Revolving Curl Bar MB229A


  • Attach to home gym cable or pulley machine
  • Perform curls and other exercises
  • Angles designed for peak biceps and triceps contraction
  • High-strength, rust-proof and lightweight 31 mm aluminium
  • Rotating and swivelling centre for more fluid motion

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The Body-Solid Tools MB229A Aluminum Curl Bar attaches to any home gym or cable/pulley-based weight machine and helps you perform curls and numerous other exercises.

Constructed from high-strength, rust-proof and lightweight 31 mm aluminium, the MB229A is both durable and lightweight. Knurled grips offer consistent handling even during intense workouts while the angles on the MB229A were designed specifically for peak biceps and triceps contraction.

The smooth, fluid centre of the MB229A swivels and rotates guaranteeing constant, steady, uninterrupted motion and increased exercise variety.


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