Body-Solid Pro Clubline S1000 Four-Stack Gym


The Body-Solid Pro Clubline S1000 Four-Stack Gym is a full commercial multi-station gym featuring four independent, unique exercise stations and weight stacks, allowing up to four people to work out simultaneously.

Meticulously crafted and designed to look great in all contemporary workout and fitness facilities, the Body-Solid S1000 features a bold matte black finish and sleek fully-shrouded weight stacks. Built with 11-gauge steel, the S1000 can hold up in heavy-use commercial and light commercial facilities.

The Body-Solid Pro Clubline S1000 Four-Stack Gym is ideal for hotels, apartments, police & fire stations, schools, training facilities, and more.

The four stations include an adjustable cable column, a bench press/mid row/leg extension/leg curl, lat & mid row, and leg press & calf raise.  These four stations have something for everyone and offer a comprehensive total body workout.

The Body-Solid Pro Clubline S1000 Four-Stack Gym comes standard with four x 95 kg weight stacks (upgradable to 140 kg stacks), and each gym includes a lat bar, curl bar, ab strap, ankle strap, and two cable handles.

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  • Four independent stations allow up to four people to workout simultaneously:
    Chest press / Mid Row
    Leg Extensions / Standing Leg Curl
    Leg Press / Calf Press
    Adjustable Cable Column
  • 4x 95 kg fully-shrouded weight stack, upgradable to 140 kg
  • 11-gauge steel mainframe
  • Full commercial rated


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