Body-Solid Tools Nun-Chuck Grips BSTNG


  • Attached to a kettlebell, weight plate or in rig system
  • Perfect for pull-ups, farmers’ walks and more
  • Textured surface for safety and stability

Available on backorder

Challenge your grip strength and target your forearms with Body-Solid Tools’ BSTNG Nunchuck Grips. Use Nunchuck Grips (also known as grandfather clock grips) for pull-ups similar to the classic towel grip pull-up or add them to a rig for a challenging monkey bar course.

These state-of-the-art nunchuck grips provide high-level grip strength workouts but also offer targeted forearm movements similar to a rope climb.

Attach Body-Solid Tools’ BSTNG Nunchuck Grips to a kettlebell or weight plate for additional grip strength movements like modified farmers’ walks. A non-slip matte red paint finish ensures stability throughout the movement and a strong nylon strap guarantees safe workouts every time.


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