Body-Solid Tools Power Bands BSTB


  • Latex elastic bands, ideal for strength training
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Different levels of resistance
  • Many exercises can be done with these bands


The Body-Solid Tools accessory line continues to expand with the introduction of the NEW Body-Solid Lifting Bands.

Each Band is suited to a particular fitness routine such as speed/agility training, jumping, flexibility, stretching, plyometrics, rehabilitation, and powerlifting. These 104 cm bands are a cost-effective and simple way to add intensity to any training routine.

Why use lifting bands? Lifting bands offer a contrasting method in an exercise program where the weight resistance changes at different points in a lift.

Using bands will make the weight increase through the concentric and eccentric portions of a lift will result in greater speed and acceleration.

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Heavy, Light, Medium, Very Heavy, Very Light


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