Pro Club Line Series II Cable Crossover S2CCO


  • Full Commercial Rated
  • 50 x 76 mm 11-gauge steel (3mm) frame construction
  • Comes with 75 kg weight stacks.
  • Weight stack options: 95 kg (S2CCO-2) and 140 kg (S2CCO-3)
  • 1/2:1 weight stack resistance ratio (resistance is half of weight increment selected)
  • Pulley carriages are adjustable with pop-pin to 36 positions up and down cable columns
  • Adjustable pulleys swivel 180 degrees
  • Handles on pulley carriages for ease and safety of movement
  • 5 degree forward angle on cable columns allows for greater freedom of movement during exercise
  • Large grip handles on both sides of cable columns for support and stabilization during unilateral training exercises
  • Pull-Up station with multiple grip positions including rock climbing grips
  • Fully shrouded for safety and aesthetics
  • Included accessories:
    • (2) Nylon Cable Handles with 3 attachment rings for length adjustment
    • Ankle Strap with hook and loop enclosure
    • Straight bar with swivel attachment

The Pro Clubline Series II S2CCO from Body-Solid is a cable crossover machine with adjustable high to low pulleys and two selectorized weight stacks for functional strength training.

The weight stacks are available in three sizes (72.5 kg, 95 kg and 140 kg), each offering 1/2:1 resistance which allows manageable incremental weight changes for smaller muscle groups targeted during isolation exercises and unilateral strength training.

The S2CCO offers a virtually unlimited range of exercise possibilities for all experience levels. 36 independent pulley carriage height adjustments along each cable column allow users to perform any number of high-pulley, mid-pulley or low-pulley exercises including pec flys, low rows, overhead shoulder presses, ab crunches, triceps press downs, biceps curls, and more.




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